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Who we are?

Making the world a better place by transforming trash into clean, sustainable energy

Incorporated in Malaysia, Rigortech envision to couple technology and innovation that can transform human life by providing mankind with a better, cleaner and safer world.

Rigortech is determined to end the loop for trash, converting all these unwanted municipal wastes, into usable energy and products. We have found a revolutionary way to recover all the organic and non-organic waste by turning them into valuable source of energy. We have developed solution by transform plastic trash, tyres, rubber, oil sludge, used-engine oil, into clean fuels and power, which can help tackle the global waste crisis.

We believe our business holds potential for explosive returns, given our system's highly attractive economics, coupled with valuable, growing markets for our products. Our team has the experience, world-class technology and business expertise to drive Rigortech to success.

With our latest design of SMART Integrated Waste Recovery System®, it demonstrated an impeccable technology advancement in the fight of global trash issue, and providing a one-stop solution for turning each trash into valuable asset.

On top of our passion in eliminating waste in the world, Rigortech’s interest of contributing and helping with global pandemic situation has also put a serious keynote to our R&D team. In year 2020, Rigortech has also developed another division, which is specializing in trash bin sterilizing and HVAC sterilizing for air pollution. With our comprehensive and effective BinTech ®, and HVAC Sterilizing, we manage to eliminate 99.9% of virus and bacteria, and ensure public or garbage man will not get contaminated while in contact with the trash bin.

Our Mission

Making the world a better place by transforming trash into clean, sustainable energy

Our Vision

Creating a Trash Free World

Our Values

Integrity, Innovation, Care and Trust

Meet the Team


Eric Tan

Head of Marketing and Opeartion

Datuk Tan Kwe Hee

Strategic Advisor